I may have had a senior moment when I asked about Angie having one of UAMN’s staff persons to give us a thumbnail of the job of making the displays at a previous video   I can’t recall if Angie had that in one of her tours of workers when she had the woman who keeps the cryotanks stocked with genetic material downstairs.  I remember that there was one with a fellow who was the preparator of exhibits in his shop but not certain if that scene was on another video of museum jobs in our assigned viewing for Module 3.

Maybe she can help with my recollections?

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  1. Angela Linn

    Hey Martin – take a look again at Steffi’s lecture where she features Jonah Wright, the UAMN chief preparator for exhibits. Kyndall Hildebrandt will join us for multiple modules to share her experiences as the collection manager of the genomic resources collection and will refer to her past work at the Smithsonian!

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