Although I am going retro and late to discuss museum types from module two I also am going into the future to discuss module 13 early for Northern Museums.

One thing about this class is that it makes you consider the many little knowns about museums that are not necessarily brought to mind when we visit them.  Our class is to gain knowledge about this when we walk into one that we think we know by the name above the Greco-Roman columns in the older ones or the swooshing architecture of most modern ones.  I am on the board of the Tanana Yukon Historical Society (TYHS) in Fairbanks.  Usually every Memorial Day we had a Fairbanks Museum Day walking tour of local ones in the area (including Delta) generally targeting the beginning of the summer  tourist season.  So for your edification here is a list of them to get a glimpse.  Not all of these may be designated as a museum in the strict sense because they may not be affiliated with such organizations as Museums Alaska or others we have learned about.  But due to COVID this event did not happen in 2020.  BTW: the Miners Hall of Fame has not been open since 2019 and are still looking for a different building in town after the old one was sold and the lease expired.

Museum Day in Fairbanks – Saturday, May 23

Morris Thompson CVC
Creamer’s Field
Fairbanks Community Museum
Pioneer Air Museum
Tanana Valley Railroad Museum
Harding Car
Pioneer Museum & Big Stampede
U of A Museum of the North
Kitty Hensley House
SS Nenana
Wickersham House
Salcha Historical Museum
Sullivan Road House Museum – Delta Jct
So, in keeping with this class requirement to engage fellow students with a closing question: What do you think these bakers dozen local museum-ish venues would be tagged and have any of you visited them? (but no cheating if you have already been to UAMN)

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