Watching Josh video on museum fakes reminded me of a recent BBC PBS piece on the fake Mormon documents that were purported to be from Joseph Smith and his kin who ostensibly wrote the foundation documents dictated by the Angel Moroni.  An incredible modern forger had fooled the experts with a number of apparent archival letters purporting to put the LDS foundation on a completely different basis than the elders assert in their teachings. Even the FBI labs were fooled by the forgery when they asserted they were genuine until a professional archivist refuted the claim.  Only when the original forger admitted to his crimes of murder did the whole fraud become apparent.

2 Thoughts to “fake Mormon documents”

  1. Angela Linn

    We watched this series – pretty fascinating that someone could spend so many years involved in forgeries never to be discovered. It’s nearly impossible to imagine any museum or archive having the resources to authenticate these kinds of documents if even the FBI missed these!

  2. Michael Hubert

    Just finished this series, so very interesting that it wasn’t till the person came forward was the truth told. I bet it would take incredible resources to do the authenticity for a lot of these documents. I wonder how many might be fake?

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