Hello! My name is Xochitl, pronounced So-chee. I am a MFA student in Art with Ceramics and Painting as my primary mediums. I got my BFA from Humboldt State University and grew up in South Central Alaska. I love all things art as well as skiing, doggies, and plants. I have a certification in Museum Studies that was based heavily in art and am hoping this class will help broaden my expertise to other fields of museum studies as well as *fingers crossed* job opportunities. I’m very much looking forward to this class and it’s nice to meet you all.

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  1. Angela Linn

    Welcome Xochitl – great to have another Alaskan joining our class as well as another artist! We look forward to helping you apply that certificate in museum studies to a broad and interdisciplinary approach to the discipline. Hope you enjoy the course!

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