The natural history museum (#2)

The natural history museum is a collection of material from ancient world to the present, the artifacts  that are collected are from archaeological digs These artifacts provide historical and current specimens to be used in research that will help improve our understanding of our natural world. Biodiversity are windows into the past that let you see what was happening in the past so as to help predict future habits. It also helps humans to see what in the environment we have altered.

Tree of life is the evolution of us with the web of life which is the ecological system. The future of of life on this planet  is where any species, it’s population and eco system is put into context of any disturbances in that system.
Cultural history museum concerns itself with preserving urban and rural traditions that increase with progression of technology.
Open air museums are generally outside in the way of historical re-enactments, sculptures, art walks, craft demonstrations and more.
A zoo is where you can find live animals in their natural habitats. Some of these animals are on the endangered species list and are being studied and mated to try to bring the species back from the brink of extinction.


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