Good Afternoon,

It is a pleasure to meet everyone. I just got home form work. I live and work in Eastern New Mexico. I’m a Cultural Resources Program Manager for two military bases and a Doctoral Candidate in Indigenous Studies at UAF. I’m taking the course as a refresher. I’m currently developing two curation agreements.


Barbara Long

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  1. Martin Gutoski

    Hey Barbara Long, So far you are the nearest classmate to me here in Taos. I enjoy the PBS station KNEW Ch 3 from Eastern New Mexico. It is a a welcome reminder of KUAC the PBS station out of my old alma mater at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
    Since KENW also serves eastern Texas I learned of the animosity New Mexicans have against that state on a par with Alaskans dislike of them during the Trans Alaska Pipeline construction. The thing I learned about the relationship between Texans and New Mexicans from the online class out of UNM Taos is that it all started when Texas tried to take over NM to make it a slave state. Kit Carson was famous here in Taos for repelling their incursion.
    Reminds me of the later derision of gulf state welders who invaded Alaska to work on the pipeline from Prudhoe Bay oil fields to the port in Valdez. There appeared a bumper sticker plastered next to Alaska license plates that read: HAPPINESS IS A THOUSAND TEXANS LEAVING WITH AN OKIE UNDER EACH ARM. This was prompted by an agreement the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company that managed the project had an with exclusive contract to only have welders from the pipefitters Union out of Tulsa, OK local number 798. It was felt there were no qualified workers in Alaska who could weld round pipe for the 798 mile long 48″ diameter line.

  2. Angela Linn

    Welcome to our class Barbara! What are the chances of having two remote students both in New Mexico?!?! I hope we are able to provide you some new insights to refresh, reinvigorate, and deepen your knowledge of museums. I’m sure you’ll discover information that enhances both your professional employment and your own academic work.

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