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Job Discussions:

The inner workings of a museum can be vast. I enjoy all aspects of a museum. Small museums can be less intimidating to almost any visitor, but offers a more personal experience. As for larger museums, you can be overwhelmed and can be easily lost in a sea of people, literally. This has happened to me on several occasions. I enjoy visiting a museum on those days that most people would typically not choose to visit. I’ve volunteered on several occasions. The Ombudsman is just as import as any other position within a museum. This position seems to be the one that is cut for budget reasons. I’ve known a few people through the years that were let go or hours reduced.

I had the opportunity to be a carrier for a very well-known academic museum through an anthropology department in Ireland. My duties were to fly with artifacts to several locations. Starting point was Ireland, then onward to the UK and Scotland and eventually Germany and Holland. To this day, I wished that I had taken the position. I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. The artifacts ranged from artwork that had been clean or restored, to human remains (in particular bog specimens) and numerous archaeological collections for exhibits within Europe. It would have been a job of a lifetime.

Other positions that are just as important. The designing of the exhibits for presentations to the public. A friend of mind did this for a living. It’s not just taking something out of a box. It is more detailed and includes planning for the space allowed. It can be challenging at times. Jobs includes construction of walls or taking some down and even building tables or installing a pulley system.

The educational aspect of a museum is all encompassing as well. A good museum can provide a range of educational exhibits and hands on experiences for any age group. Museums are able to provide learning experiences that teachers want for their students on their annual field trips. I know that if a topic was being discussed in-depth in the classroom, it would coincide with a field trip to a local museum, nearby. It is extremely important to have a great educational system in place within the museum. This includes a group of people that have an interdisciplinary skill set that is unique to each individual person. This skill set allows the museum to be able to broaden its topics and thus, present exhibits that are enriching and thought provoking to all its visitors.

How would your skill-set benefit the educational side of a museum?









5 Thoughts to “Job Discussions”

  1. Erin Gingrich

    Those are some lovely images of the museum and exhibition that you have shared! I shall add them onto my ever growing list of museums to visit one day. In response to your question; I believe that my skills as an artist and experiences with non-profit project review/development would be very useful in planning/creation for education exhibits, workshops, artist demonstrations, art/education kit design, informational lectures and designing exhibit based activities. Quyana!

  2. Michael Hubert

    Barbara ,
    wow , love the pictures that you shared and hope to get to some of these great places some day. as I build my skillset so that I hope to work in a place like this or other museums. I feel that you have to constantly learn and push your boundaries so that you can get that experience and grow your skill set.

  3. Barbara Long

    Good Evening,

    I agree. Thank you! Fortunately, this can be a long process. However, we are constantly learning. Grow that skill set! It is useful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Angela Linn

    Thanks for sharing Barbara – I’ve acted as a courier a number of times and it is soooo stressful! I had the opportunity to courier a collection prior to 9/11 and I actually got to go down on the tarmac and watch them load the crate onto the plane. After 9/11 things are quite different, as you might expect!
    Sadly, you’re right those front-line staff are often the positions that are cut when budgets are tight. With the closures associated with the pandemic, many staff in visitor services and education departments lost their jobs because museums were closed down to the public and are just now re-opening in some states and major urban centers.

  5. Barbara Long

    Good Morning,

    I enjoyed your post. It would have been awesome to be a courier for a top notch museum. As I stated, I would have loved it. Thanks for sharing,

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