OK, now that I am on a roll to get some credit for type 2 & 4 discussions here’s another one to ponder.  Being a winter bird in annual migrations to New Mexico after 60 years living in Fairbanks, I have visited several museums in this desert state.  One thing people think about when they tour New Mexico is the birthplace of the atomic bomb and space exploration in places like Los Alamos and Albuquerque (ABQ) such as the Space Port for Virginia Galactic.  When I picked up their brochures I didn’t really pay attention to the little logos at the bottom that had listings of what they were affiliated with.  One museum in ABQ  is the New Mexico Museum of Space History and the other is the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. They are both listed as an affiliate of the Smithsonian Inst. while the the nuke one is also tagged to be in collaboration with the Atomic Heritage Foundation.

So these do bring up what being part of these affiliations or collaborations means to their governance and oversight in operation and funding.  What do you think about being tagged with the Smithsonian or being in collaboration with a foundation means?



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  1. Joshua Reuther

    Martin, this a good question, and I will talk about this in the synchronous class discussion, so you can watch it when Angie uploads the video.

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