A conservationist and library preservationist and restoration technician :processing and caring and maintaining textiles from any future damage like: tapestries, carpets, quilts, clothing, flags, curtains, dolls and accessories such as fans, parasols, gloves, hats and bonnets. The problems with maintaining these types of collections is that the environment can cause damage like: lights, climate, pests, handling. Different ways to care for the collection is: vacuuming, wet vacuuming, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, ironing, restoration before storage. Storage by: laying flat, rolled up, and hanging for costumes.
All displays must be checked and maintained daily and everyone should be educated and trained as to what to check.
The environment is the chief cause for decay with light, humidity, temperature, airborne chemicals, smoke, pests, and smog. Should ensure there are air filters in place in all areas where textiles are displayed. The harmful lights are the non-visible, ultraviolet and infrared lighting.
This is the type of job I would like to do in the future.

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  1. Angela Linn

    Thanks Becca – you’ll like module 8, Preventive Conservation! We’ll share lots of stories about the impact of the “Agents of Deterioration,” some of which you’ve already pointed out here.

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