Non-profit Museum (week #4)

The Bishop Museum, in Honolulu, Hawaii is the museum I chose to talk about.
Bishop Museum Mission: to inspire our community and visitors through the exploration, celebration, and perpetuation of the extraordinary history, culture, and environment of Hawaii and the Pacific.

Vision Statement: Strategic Visions: from 2016-2026, the Bishop Museum will champion a decade of strategic transformation, vigorously re-energizing and re-investing in its mission to inspire our community and visitors through the exploration and celebration of the extraordinary history, culture, and environment of Hawaii and the Pacific.

Bishop Museum does have a Board of Directors, they also have an Association Council which is a all volunteer group dedicated to supporting membership activities.

Key Strategies:

1) To expand our knowledge core which is comprised of research, collections, and living culture, we will agree on and establish “Anchor Programs” and “Signature Initiatives “in support of and reflecting Bishop Museum’s knowledge core.

2) To strengthen our partnership and build our base of support, we will actively pursue long-term relationships with “Tier 1” strategic partners, who can support museum capacity building and lead to broader networks.

3) To energize the museum and create a resilient, visible, and diversifies enterprise, we will establish a calendar for and plan to expand the museum’s education and public programs and expand the range and quality of facilities rentals.

4) To engage the community and recognize the Museum as a cultural center our Kapalama neighborhood, we will do direct outreach in our neighborhood and host community days work with partners on opportunities that develop the district’s development.

5) To energize, support, and empower Museum staff to create a culture of leadership we will reduce silos and create opportunities for communal and interdisciplinary interactions.


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  1. Angela Linn

    The Bishop Museum is a great one to do an assessment of and I’m surprised that they don’t have any informal advisory groups outside of their board of directors. It’s a huge organization that has been forced to confront its colonial heritage in Hawai’i and has implemented wonderful processes of inclusion for Native Hawaiians. Thanks for bringing their governance approach to notice here.

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