I have read some of the articles in the latest issue of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) and noticed it is full of many topics we have been discussing in our module posts.  I have not included all the content in some but did include the full  report from their president, Joe Watkins who we had a video to watch for module 5.  Just scanning the table of contents reveals the many topics that are now at the forefront of archaeological research and practice.  Usually these professional journals are rife with typical artifact analysis such as the one at page 17 about Texas Clovis points. But a quick look at the remaining articles concerns inequity analysis, COVID, governance and not just the bones, sticks and stones blah blah that one expects to see in these reports.

Also included is the recent books being published by the SAA press.  I wanted to point out the diversity of these four, not just the one on Oaxaca published in Spanish with no translation, but the other which is about curating and the one by a UAF researcher, Owen Mason who established the Quaternary Center at UAF many years ago.  I’m sure Josh & Scott Shirar know Owen well because we called him Doctor Tephra based on his establishing dating techniques and databses for volcanic ash deposits in Alaska.

So if you’re interested in further reading of which we have mucho material already assigned) you may want to check out their website:  https://www.saa.org/



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