MSM F211
Becca Ray Turner
Week 2 Module 2

There are so many different types of museums that it is difficult to name them all but, here are a few: Herbarium: everything plants and fungi, extinct and living. History Museums: have a little bit of everything about history which can also focus on just a few areas of history. Science/Technology: has anything from dinosaurs, bugs to rocks to robots, NASA space capsule, meteorites and things of the future. General Museums: like the Smithsonian Museum has a little about everything. Wonderful museum to go to, but I think it would take me at least a month or more to go through and see everything that they have to see. Zoos: which have live animals that you can escape into their world of where the animals are from, jungle to desert, to the Asian countries. Road side Museums: little curiosity shops to attract tourists to stop in and buy stuff.
I found it very hard not to touch everything I wasn’t suppose to and I wanted to go behind the closed doors but they were locked. Darn it where is a lock pick when you need them. Of all the museums I have been to I fell in love with The Museum of the North. I actually was able to go behind the closed doors. “What an honor” !!! I was doing research for a Native Studies paper I was writing on the Chilkat and raven tail woven robes. I had a blast, being able to see pieces up close with a magnifying glass.

Museum of the North

The Raven Tail Robe in this picture was part of a paper I wrote for an Alaska Native Studies course. I went and asked the museum if I could look at any Chilkat and Raven Tail Robes. Very proud of my A (lol).
I have had several family members come to visit when I lived in Alaska and was very happy to show them the University Museum. I was able to talk to them about all the different areas of the museum and they just loved the personnel tour that they received.

How is a Natural History Museum different from other museums?
Is a museum that provides historical and current specimens to be used in research that will help improve our understanding of our natural world. Biodiversity are windows that let you see the past to help with the prediction of present and future habitats and what humans have altered in the environment. The tree of life is the evolutionary relationship of us, the web of life is all the ecological systems. The future of life is where any species it’s population and ecosystem is put into context of any disturbances.
History museums is a collection of material of the ancient world like from archaeological digs. Then there is the cultural history museum that concerns itself with the progress of technology. Open air museums with historical re-enactments, sculptures and demonstrations and more. A zoo that has live animals with some on the endangered species list that researchers are currently studying to try to bring the species back from the brink of extinction. These are just a few different types of museum.

What are the types of museums in your hometown?

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