Uvaŋga Ggaaditmits Ivalu Erin Gingrich.  Hello, I am Erin Gingrich (Ggaadimits and Ivalu are my Indigenous names).  I am an Alaska Native Artist, UAF graduate (B.F.A. Class of ’14) and Program Assistant for an Alaska Native nonprofit that supports Alaska Native Arts and Culture. I am taking this class to gain some perspective about museums from different view point as I have been fortunate to view a number of collections for artist research and I also look forward to gaining some understanding of the history, goals and evolution of museums.  Quyanaqpuk (Thank you) and I look forward to spring semester with you all.

P.S. If you are interested, my artist website can be found here: https://ggaadimitsivalu.com/


One Thought to “Uvluulluataq (Good Afternoon)!”

  1. Angela Linn

    Welcome to the class Erin and welcome back to UAF! We look forward to hearing your museum perspectives as an accomplished artist and someone who works in the nonprofit sector. Your experiences in using museum collections for artistic research should provide you some excellent opportunities for reflection and analysis. Thanks for joining us!

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