Welcome to module 13

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Learning Objectives


Module 13 will introduce students to the some of the exciting and diverse museums across the circumpolar north.

By the end of this module students will be able to:

  • Identify three major northern museums
  • Describe two challenges faced by all circumpolar museums
  • Name two advantages museums in the north have over museums in other geographic regions

lecture THEMES


Instructor Angela Linn introduces the wide range of museums in the circumpolar north. (x:xx)

insert video from media.alaska.edu

collaborating & providing services in the north

Discussion with Alaska State Museum Curator of Museum Services Anjuli Grantham, Museums Alaska former Executive Director Della Hall, and Denali National Park and Preserve Museum Curator Kim Arthur. (x:xx)

insert video from media.alaska.edu


creating and using extensive datasets in natural and cultural collections in the north

Steffi Ickert-Bond and Josh Reuther discuss the creation and use of extensive datasets in natural and cultural collections in the North with examples from the University of Alaska Museum of the North.

Long-trending datasets in natural history collections, their use and additional need for expansion of these datasets are the focus of this presentation by Steffi Ickert-Bond. (9:28)


insert video from media.alaska.edu



The history of controversies in museums extends across the globe and throughout history. Learn this list of terms to better comprehend the readings and videos for this module.

Activities / Assignments

Reading / Video content



Rape of Europa – 2008 (1:56:17) – log in at Kanopy with UAF credentials (SSO)


Dinosaur 13 – official trailer




For Exploration:


Log into our course shell in Blackboard and go to ‘Quizzes’ on the left side menu.

Take ‘Quiz 12’: Museum Controversies” You will have up to three attempts to match the vocabulary and definitions. Click over to Blackboard to take quiz 12.

Meet Up

Time to get together! This is optional but highly encouraged. We will meet via Zoom at 11:00 am (AKDT) on Thursday November 12. The link to the session can be found in this Google Document (you must be part of the class to view the document). If you are unable to join the meeting will be recorded and you will be expected to review the recording prior to writing your discussion post (see below).

Assignment – Discussion


  1. Create a new post on this website and answer this question based on your personal experience. Your post should be roughly 500 words and should include an image.   Think about reading and video material from this week and personal experiences you have had to help illustrate your ideas. Alternately, find a recent news article to share about a museum, what are some of your thoughts relating to the article.
  2. At the end of your post, include a question for your fellow students to answer.
  3. Respond to each others’ posts (you will need to respond to/comment on at least two other posts).
  4. Select “12. Controversies Discussion” from the list of discussion categories on the right hand side of your posting window on the dashboard.

Looking Forward

Next week we’ll look at Museums in the North – our challenges and opportunities.

Did you know?

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