All activities for MSM 211 class will take place on this website. Your grades are available through Canvas Grade Center and general class announcements will be available there as well.

If you are struggling with using WordPress, please see this help for students page. If you are still having trouble using the site, please contact your instructor right away to set up a meeting. (Contact info is in the Syllabus.)

How to create a Google Drive Folder and share it with your instructor.

  1. Log into
  2. In your email inbox, click on the little square box icon in upper right
  3. Select Google Drive
  4. Click on ‘+New’
  5. Select Folder
  6. Title your folder ‘MSM211 – Your Name’
  7. You will return to your Drive, click on your new folder and you will be taken inside the folder. This is where you drag and drop your files to share with your instructor.
  8. Click on the dropdown next to the title and find the sharing icon
  9. Share with **email address here***
  10. That’s it. Your instructor will get an email with the link.