extra credit

With the pandemic over the past two years and the cancellation of many in-person conferences, there have been opportunities for free online museum-based professional development. Students may view up to two (2) online webinars and write a post about each. You can earn up to an additional 15 points for each webinar you write about.

For your post, write up a summary of the main points of a webinar, providing some links and screen shots from the webinar. Think about how you might implement what you learned in a real-life situation.

Each posts is worth up to 15 points, so they could help make up for any regular posts you miss or points you might have missed on quizzes. These scores won’t be integrated into the Canvas Grade Center but will be tracked on our back-end grading spreadsheet. At the end of the semester these points will be added to your overall score.

Here are some options for training. If you find something not on our list that is of interest to you, reach out to an instructor to see if it will count.