This course consists of fourteen (14) weekly thematic modules.

Classes start on January 17, 2023.

Students will complete the contents of each weekly module independently. By Friday of each week you should complete the vocabulary quiz at Canvas.  By Sunday of each week, you will also create a Discussion post reflecting ideas and themes covered during the weekly Zoom Meet Up, and comment on two other posts. Unless a student contacts an instructor in advance, posts timestamped after Sunday at midnight AKST will receive zero credit.

Midterm assignments are due at the end of week 6 (ending February 26, 2023). See the Midterm Assignment page for details and videos on how to approach your project.

Final assignments are due at the end of module 14 (due May 3, 2023 at 8:00pm AKST). See Final Assignment page for instructions for developing your essay.

Keep an eye on the syllabus and Canvas for possible changes to the schedule.

The course syllabus holds all the topics for each weekly module, as well as our schedule, and grading criteria. You can download a pdf version here or view the embedded syllabus below.