Q.  Where is the syllabus?
A.  It’s under the “Course Info’ menu. Here is the direct link.

Q.  Where are the deadlines posted?
A.  Deadlines are not shown in the assignment descriptions. They are shown in the Syllabus. Students should plan to watch and read the required elements under each “Activities / Assignments” heading for each module before the weekly Zoom Meet Up.

Q.  I posted my discussion,  but it didn’t get graded or receive an instructor’s comment. Why hasn’t my work been graded?
A.  Please wait one full week for your grade. Also, please check your post and make sure it has the proper category.  If it is “uncategorized’ or categorized incorrectly, it won’t show up on the correct page and might not be graded.

Q.  My post is “uncategorized’ though I tagged the post with correct word. Why my post doesn’t show the right tag?
A.  Don’t use “Tags’. Please select a correct category from the “Categories” section. They are displayed on the right side of the page when you create a post.

Please  scroll down  if you don’t see the Categories box. Please use the check box and select the correct category from the list.

Q. Why are there so many instructors? How do I know which instructor to contact if I have questions?

A. MSM 211 is being taught by a diverse team of instructors who work at the University of Alaska Museum of the North. The lead instructors are Dr. Steffi Ickert-Bond and Dr. Joshua Reuther. You can always contact either of them if you have general questions. For specific questions relating to a particular module, take a look at who provides the Welcome greeting at the beginning of each module. This should tell you who is the lead instructor for that week’s content. You can then find them in the list of instructors and send them an email with your question.