Learning Objectives

When finished with this lesson, students will be able to:

  1. measurable objective 1
  2. measurable objective 2
  3. etc.

Note: putting sections between expand code will create tidy drop down sections – optional!

Lesson Overview

Brief Introduction to Module/Lesson –  Just a couple of sentences to use as a hook to get student’s interested in the topic. OR add an introductory video or audio.

Lecture Notes or Narratives

Instructor notes and other resources for this module. Written here or can be in a drop down if very long. Including short (around 5 min) video or audio of yourself pointing out the important aspects of the unit materials and/or augmenting the materials with a story is a great way to put YOU into the class.

Learning Activities

Add reading / viewing assignment here along with other learning activities that help students understand the assignment

Additional Resources

This might even be a new folder containing additional resources for further study or help with the lesson topic.