I’m a UAF graduate (’99 MA Anthropology) and current UAF INDS Ph.D. Candidate (based in ACNS).

I’m really looking forward to being one of your instructors and sharing my love of museums and the study of them. I knew from an early age that I wanted to work in museums, after spending hours at the University of Iowa Natural History Museum and Art Museum. My family spent many vacations in Chicago and the Field Museum was one of the most influential places to my growing love of museums. I’ve worked in pretty much every department in a museum (except the membership & development office) so I like to look at museums as a holistic system, considering how each department influences and depends on the others. I hope you feel welcome in our course this semester and share your own unique ideas about how museums make our communities better places.

2 Thoughts to “All about Angela”

  1. Alysha Hopcroft

    nice to get to know you a bit and thank you so much on getting me into the class

  2. Becca Ray Turner

    Nice to meet you Angela
    I have been waiting for this class for a long time so thank you for being a part of it.
    Yeah Anthropology Major. I actually had two pieces of art work exhibited in the UAF Museum
    so that was a lot of fun for me.

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