Hi there,

My name is Maxine Laberge and I am currently the Communications Fellow at the Museum of the North via the Alaska Fellows Program. I’m originally from New Hampshire but have spent the last 9 years living in Washington, DC. I’ve spent some time working for Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital in the camping department and have always had an interest in the outdoors. Growing up my parents and I lived temporarily in Anchorage for a year, which is why I have always been drawn to the idea of coming back to Alaska.

I’m interested in the museum studies class because I am currently working at the museum doing marketing and communications. I’m really interested in learning more and applying what I learn to my work at UAMN!

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  1. Angela Linn

    Hi Maxine! We’re really happy you’re joining our class this semester. It will hopefully help deepen your understanding of museums and will help you do your job even better! I’m looking forward to hearing and reading your contributions to our discussions.

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