For this discussion I chose to write about the Anchorage Museum and the Swedish History Museum. I found navigating the Anchorage Museum’s website to be quite easier to find the right tabs or any accessible information I may have needed. The Swedish Museums website is originally in Swedish, but nowadays with the technology we have; you have the option to choose what language may be necessary to read a document. As for finding mission statements, the Swedish museum’s mission statement I believe is right when you are on the home page for the museum. I could not find a tab or general area on the page where you would normally locate the mission statement or vision for a museum. Same problem I ran into with the Anchorage museum, I could not find a mission statement at first, but I ended up opening another tab on google and searching it up and it brought me to the mission statement for the Anchorage museum ( tried doing the same thing with the Swedish museum but it was a no go).

Anyways, while comparing both museums, they both stay true to their mission statements and why they serve the public and collections. The Anchorage museum focuses on Alaska art while also focusing on equality throughout the north and cultural belongings. While the Swedish museum are knowledgeable from items from the Ice Age, Viking era, and present day life in Sweden. I find navigating the Swedish website to be more interactive; as in they have more events on their page welcomed to the community or whoever happens to be checking out museums and activities to do, they also have other fun interactive things to click on and either read or interact with.

The Anchorage museum on the main page focuses on their current exhibits, future exhibits, major projects, and their museum blog. Comparing the collections, I could not find if the Swedish museum had that tab but the Anchorage’s museum was accessible and easy to use.

Question: What assignment did you find hard to write on and why? I find Module 11 to be troublesome; I was in the process of moving into my new apartment and I know its nearing the end of the semester so I am struggling to find motivation to finish my class and other deadlines that are needing to be met.

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  1. Hannah Terwilliger

    To answer your question, I thought the last assignment about controversies was a tough one for me. I think most of the controversies in the module were already discussed and I didn’t have to think any other way. But I think it’s good to think out it outside of the module and studies. Awesome post!

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