For this assignment I decided to document a moose I had seen in Big Lake while visiting my mom and a moose I saw by my workplace ANHC ( which will be uploaded to INaturalist)   My username is   Svonscheele ( just in case first link does not work I will attach the website)

Photo of moose in Big Lake

                I see moose every other day if not every other week. Generally, most wild animals I have seen, depending on where I have lived, come into town for 2 main reasons: for warmth or food. What I used to see outside in the winter, when I lived in Big Lake, is moose. They tend to lay right by the apartment laundry mat area I’m assuming for warmth and for the alder and birch trees for food. This winter I did not see that much activity as I live in Anchorage now. Just recently, I have been seeing rabbits and birds with the occasional squirrels I hear outside. The photo I attached to this discussion was of a moose in Big Lake. I am unfamiliar if it were a cow or a bull, but I knew it was a young calf. The Longitude and latitude of the moose in Big Lake was, 61°32’31.7” N, 149°46’56.4” W. on 03/22/2023.

                   (  another photo of the moose in Big Lake)

                       If I were able to hold this specimen and document some of its features, I’d write down what the texture of the specimen felt like and looked like, where I found the specimen or went to be able to get documentation, the temperature, height, length, weigh it; if possible, on a scale, and if it had any parasites write that down. if all the documentation was necessary for the unalive specimen, I would do the same as if it were alive. If not I would collect samples of the anatomy, any parasites if may have had, who brought it in or found the animal.

   The photo I will be attaching INaturalist was of the moose I saw on my way to work, again unsure what it was, I would guess it is a cow, but I don’t know when males shed their antlers, so it could have been a bull. The reason I am using two different photos is because my other phone was misplaced while finishing this assignment and that is the one I took of the moose I will be loading onto INaturalist. (The photo is better quality than my photo for this discussion). 

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