The two museums that I decided to look at were the Wrangell Museum in Wrangell, and the Fram Museum in Norway. The two elements that I looked into where the About pages and anything relating to online exhibits. Funny enough, for each thing that I looked into, one museum had while the other didn’t.

The Wrangell Museum has an About page that describes the museum, like what it usually has on display and some history/reasoning behind the museum. It also provides some information about the history of the area around the museum, like early settlements and it’s ties to the gold rush era. It also talks about the culture of the surrounding area and how that culture is reflected in the items that the museum displays. The Fram Museum on the other hand, doesn’t have an About page, it only has a page labeled ‘The Museum’ which has information like ticket costs, hours that the museum is open, and how they can be contacted. They also have a page the is about the history of expeditions in the North, but that isn’t really related to what you would expect on the About page for a Museum.

As for online exhibits, the Fram Museum has much more stuff relating to looking at exhibits online. They have a page that explains the exhibits that they currently have on display, and they also have a virtual tour of the museum available. The Wrangell Museum on the other hand, only has four pictures of some of their displays. However, I don’t really think that it’s the fault of the Museum, since it is fairly smaller than the Fram Museum, and it most likely has less funding as well. Also, Wrangell is a lot smaller than Oslo, so it makes sense that the page for the Wrangell Museum shares the same website as all the other government functions around Wrangell.

Question: Is there any museum in the north that you want to visit?

2 Thoughts to “Northern Museums”

  1. Kai Doak

    I would like to one day visit the Northern Life Museum and Cultural Centre in Fort Smith, Canada. They have over 13000 artifacts representing the peoples of the north!

  2. Maxine Laberge

    I think this assignment really made me want to visit the Arctic museum in Norway! It is really similar to UAMN and I would be curious to see it in person. I wonder how they handle some of the issues that UAMN also faces?

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