my name is Savanna von Scheele, I am Sugpiaq and Inupiaq. my family comes from some of the villages surrounding Kodiak island and part of southwest Alaska. I now reside Anchorage. Currently I am a ANC Apprentice under Curator of Collections and exhibits Angie Demma working at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. I have recently found an interest over the past year in Museum studies. first I was a summer intern here at ANHC during April 2022, but then transitioned into my ANC Apprenticeship as the summer ended. I was pulled time to time to help with small projects and it sparked a interest in me to dive deeper and see if I could potentially find a career into this field. I found out about this course from my supervisor. She recommended taking it on. She believes it will be useful with my apprenticeship and to learn more about what goes on inside a museum other than curating. I am a Non-Degree student taking on this one class to get back into school. Afterwards I plan on applying for degree seeking applicant for the summer time, I just chose History (bachelor of arts), because I’m unsure what degree would help me move towards this direction for career-wise opportunity’s. I look forward to greeting everyone throughout the period and for what this class has in session.

( I missed the deadline to switch my applicant to degree seeking so that’s why I’m currently enrolled as non-degree applicant for spring time.)

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  1. Angela Linn

    Savanna, welcome! We’re so happy to have you join our class and I hope it provides you with even more inspiration to join this field full time! Congratulations on your position at the Alaska Native Heritage Center – I’m sure you’ll find many great examples of ideas right outside your office to contribute to our discussions.

    Say hi to Angie! 😉

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