Hello! My name is Michelle Barbieri, I am a history major in my fourth year and I was born and raised in Alaska.
I am currently working at the Museum of the North on campus, and in the summer I volunteer at the Museum of Science and Nature down in Anchorage where I help catalog some of their collections.
I have always loved visiting museums whether on my own or with friends and family. My parents often took me to museums when traveling and my appreciation for these places grew as I got older. My favorite museums so far would be the National Palace Museum in Taiwan and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

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  1. Angela Linn

    HI Michelle – great to see you here! It will be useful to have you weigh in on our discussions as a student employee at UAMN – I’m sure you’ll lots of great perspectives to add.

    I’m glad to hear attending museums is a family tradition – that’s how I got into museums myself – museums were always a part of our family travel adventures, whether in my home state of Iowa or all across the midwest states when we took our epic summer car vacations! Looking forward to having you in class.

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