For this assignment, I decided to go to the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona. The museum is the largest aquarium in Arizona. OdySea Aquarium offers an educational, interactive and entertaining experience for guests of all ages by combining theme-park style amusement with highly engaging presentations of aquatic life. The Aquarium features more than 65 exhibits, 370 species, the world’s only Russian Sturgeon touch exhibit as well as 2 Stingray touch exhibits and a tide touch pool.

The exhibit I will be focusing on is the “Voyager”, where guests take their seats in a stadium-seating style theatre with 46 ft. viewing windows for the “world’s only revolving aquarium experience. The journey is narrated by several members of the Odysea Aquarium Animal Care Team who share facts about each species, as well as anecdotes about their real-life experiences with these incredible animals.

The narrations are the main media portion of the exhibit and syncing it to each rotation as well as the guides that introduce it seem like the biggest challenges. It also needs to be maintained as well as updated as the animal care team changes, the animals change, as well as to keep up with current facts and discoveries made about the animals. – This is a link to a 17 second video I took inside the exhibit. You can hear a portion of the narration in the background.

Question: Outside of this class, when was the last time you visited an online exhibit to explore?

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  1. Avatar photoSavanna VonScheele

    Hey Kai! great post I have not been to many aquariums or sea centers so I enjoyed reading this post! to answer your question, I visit them often for my work! so I would not be able to give a answer. I generally know what I am looking for and what museum or exhibit I will need to look for depending on the research I am doing.

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