While browsing different museum websites and their virtual exhibits, I really struggled finding ones that I did not enjoy. I found that most of the websites I clicked were very well laid out and accessible. I settled on the Gregory Gift in The Frick Collection, and Nathan Harrison in the San Diego History Center.

The Frick Collection: The gift includes two eighteenth-century pastels, fifteen Limoges enamels, two eighteenth-century clocks, a large gilt-bronze figure of Louis XIV, and objects made of metal, enamel, and hardstone dating from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries. it contains an Audio, Video, Virtual, and a gallery to view the artifacts. The Audio and Video portions were very well laid out and I enjoyed browsing those. The Virtual tour does have an adaptation for VR, but just on computer it was hard to really get around and enjoy all the pieces, you also could not view the informative plaques for each piece.

Virtual Tour | The Frick Collection

The Nathan Harrison Exhibit is the story of his hardships forging something from nothing, he was enslaved at birth and died a San Diego Legend. It starts off with giving you context and information on the time period and how his life started. Then it has information on the area and even a video that shows the “Journey up the Mountain” before visiting the cabin he built and showing through different objects his journey and the difference in materials he started and ended his journey with. It ends with a tour of the excavation site including pictures and videos as well as the process of excavation. I felt like this exhibit took a modern minimalist approach and it really works for the topic. I definitely encourage you to check it out, I enjoyed exploring this exhibit.

Nathan Harrison – Born Enslaved, Died a San Diego Legend (sandiegohistory.org)

Question: When exploring an exhibit, do you go in a linear order or do you jump around and explore out of order?

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